"Breeding for type, squareness, and functionality staying true to the breed standard."

About Us


We had our first litter of Basenjis at the end of December 2012. However, we have been involved in AKC Conformation shows since 2007. Our first breed was a Whippet from Emerald Kennels. We quickly became hooked with the Show World acquiring our first Basenji from Klassic  Kennels. After having much success we branched out looking for a perfect foundation bitch to begin our own legacy. Katie Campbell , of Taji Basenjis, and MaryK Quinnett, of Platinum Basenjis, provided us with the guidance and bitch we needed to start what is now, Veramonte Kennels.


-Cali Shattuck and Cyndy Shattuck






Our goal as breeders is to carry out the breed standard by maintaining the short-backed structure, while ensuring the health and temperament of our dogs remains impeccable.


Veramonte Kennels 

AKC Basenjis

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Elegant pictures by Brown Dog Photography, George Woodard and Megan Cloudman